Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Way Things Used To Be

I loved my childhood.  I wouldn't change anything about it.  I have a great family, great memories, and it just keeps getting better.  There is only one thing that I miss, and as dumb as it might be, it's living life next to my twin, my sist in Christ, my best friend.

Seriously.  My sister and I worked stupidly hard to make our relationship the best that it could be.  Yeah, we fought, argued, yelled and then immediately laughed, cried, and laughed some more.  We both still know that there is nothing that can tear our relationship apart.  We talk every day.  We are intentionally honest with each other.  We encourage each other. 

Our relationship wasn't always as good as it is today.  High school?  Oh goodness.  I was an insecure mess trying to be what I thought she wanted me to be and in turn that just made her not like me more... HAH! Her first year away at college was a major transitioning time for me.  I finally had to figure out who I was apart from her.  When I joined her at college, she had to learn that I was a different person and I had to learn to continue being different.  It was a rough year for me.  My second year at college, we lived on the same floor.  It started rough and then got good.  My third and final year of college, we moved off campus and into an apartment together where our relationship became great. 

My side of the story: I finally learned to embraced our differences.  It's okay that I'm emotional, oozing empathy, and see things from an unassuming perspective.  It's okay that she is straightforward, fearless, and sees things as a natural born leader does.  Instead of wishing I was her, I understand that the combination of our strengths together makes us unstoppable.  Once we figured out the art of living with each other, our relationship became easy in a sense.  Not that we didn't have to work at our relationship (you always have to work at a relationship) but finally the questions were gone, and I know where I stand.

So, she lives 30 hours away now, and sadly, there is no return in sight.  How do you "start over" (for lack of a better term)?  I'm not Mrs. Outgoing.  It takes me time to warm up and "do" friendship.  I'm working on it though.  I just have to remember that it's differences that make up the best friendships.  Blog-o-spere, help a sista' out! Can I get some community?! ;)


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