Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Many Ages of Boy Crazy

You know.  I think that this blog should be called "reminiscing" or something because I think the majority of my blogs are walks down memory lane.

In keeping with that theme, do you remember what you thought about boys at different ages?  Well, I do.  My much more level headed twin thought it a waste of time to think about boys.  A career was the way to go!  I on the other hand loved romantic comedies, books with a good love story, and dreaming about my Mr. Right (some things never change).

I am going to tell you all about the crushes I had growing up complete with pictures at my various ages.

 Age: 5
Crush: Johnny M.
Crush's age: 17
Memory of/with crush: I would try to switch the name cards around at the holiday table 
so that I could sit by said crush.
My thoughts on boys in general: "I want to sit by that one!"
Why it would never work:  He was/is my cousin (stop judging, I didn't know better).

 Age: 8
Crush: Jonathan H.
Crush's age: 17
Memory of/with crush:  He kissed my cheek once.
My thoughts on boys in general: "That one is sweet!"
Why it would never work: Well, I just know it would have, but 
come on...he was WAY to old for me.

Age: 14
Crush: Josh B.
Crush's age: 15
Memory of/with crush:  Staring at him in children's church.
My thoughts on boys in general: "They don't talk to me much.  Maybe if I wear this hat
with a helicopter top that I got at the dollar store they'd like me more."
Why it would never work: I wasn't able to speak in front of him.

Age: 16
Crush: Vince L.
Crush's age: 19
Memory of/with crush:  Talking on the phone for hours and then catching
him making out with another girl at a concert he invited me to.
My thoughts on boys in general: "They make promises they don't keep."
Why it would never work:  He was a jerk.

Age: 18
Crush: John S.
Crush's age: 20
Memory of/with crush:  Him throwing a water balloon at my head, me crying
and running to my mom (when we were kids, of course), him having to apologize.
My thoughts on boys in general: "Wouldn't it be cool to marry my best
friend's brother?  That'd be like movie-making cool!"
Why it would never work:  He didn't like me back.  Come to find out, that is kind of important.

Age: 20
Crush: Kody Jordan
Crush's age: 22
Memory of/with crush:  Us not speaking for an entire dinner even though
we were sitting right next to each other.
My thoughts on boys in general: "This can't be real!!"
Why it would never work:  Well, it does actually.  We're married now.  Best decision ever.

Oh how things change and thank God that they do! :)
Have a great rest of your Wednesday!



  1. This is amazing. If I made a list there would probably be 74573407530 people on it.

    1. Hahaha! Yes! This is the abridged version. ;) I chose boys based on the pictures I had easy access to. :)