Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mile Marker 2: It's Slushing!

It's slushing!
Well, the weather outside this morning was beautifully dangerous!

My husband offered to drive me the 6 minute commute to work.  How could I turn down an offer to be picked up and dropped off at the door? (I should have worn my adorable, uncomfortable shoes today. ;) )

Our cute little ally covered in snow!

As we pulled out of the ally that is our driveway, Kody’s truck fish tailed at only about 10mph.

I buckled my seat belt for what I knew was going to be a scary ride to work.

Well, was it scary…


But that’s only because Kody is an exceptional driver.  Had I been driving, we would have had a much more interesting blog today.

Anyway, we made it. Hooray!  Tonight my work out buddy, Jessi, comes over.  Jill is going to kick our butts (we are doing The Last Chance Workout DVD).

Have a wonderful rest of your snow day!

Posted 2/26/13

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