Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday's Letters - Link Up

Dear Friday, 
I don't think you could move any slower.  It has been a long week already, I'm tired, I have to work 14 hours today, and I just want to get to Saturday.

Dear husband,
Every morning when you brush your teeth, you clear your throat with one big hocker that makes me think you're going to vomit in the sink while I'm doing my hair.  Did you know we have a second bathroom that you could use in the morning? 

Dear life,
I love you, but there are times when you are just too darn busy.

Dear wedding next week,
I'm scared of you, but I can't wait to take your pictures! I've never been to Pittsburgh or West Virigina, and I could NOT be more excited to experience that with my best friend.

Dear potential job,
You're mysterious.  I think we will get along.  Pick me?

Dear house,
I will clean you, I promise! Just cut me a little slack with these 60 hour work weeks, ok?

Dear husband again,
I love you.  Thank you for taking care of me when I was sick and for every time you knew I fake coughed and you rubbed my back anyway.  I am blessed by you.


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