Friday, March 29, 2013

Mile Marker 12: Selfies

Heres the thing...I have NO problem with "selfies".  I think that people feel drop dead, smokin' hot, fabulously gorgeous in all those selfies that they post...aaaaaand I post them myself.

Today, I was supposed to have 2 photo shoots, but one of them had something come up and they had to reschedule.  :) least they rescheduled, right?

I'm fairly new to the whole "running a photography business" thing, so I'm pretty flexible.  I've been doing freelance work for about a year and a half now.  I absolutely love it!

This afternoon, because my second shoot canceled, I had some extra time to kill.  (my next statement is going to make your jaw drop) Until two days ago, I didn't own a tripod.  I had a monopod, but no tripod.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I recently purchased a light kit.  Since then, I have wanted to take some nice personal photos.  Strangely enough, my husband makes me super nervous behind the camera.  He makes faces, no direction, and I get uncomfortable.  Needless to say, the pictures turn out disgusting. (I'm not very photogenic.)

Since I had some time and now a tripod, I went to taking some personal photos.  Here are my favorites!

I can't usually rock the serious face...but I don't think I completely butchered it here.

I don't have the biggest studio space.  Right now I just use an extra bedroom upstairs hence the majority of close ups.

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  1. Hey Linda, wow you got some great shots! I loved the 3rd one (it's the best!)

    1. Thank you so much gesundheitsuze! :)