Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mile Marker 4: Learning New Skills

So, this year, my husband and I got a good size tax return.  I like to think it was mostly thanks to me because I was still in college last year… ;)

But in all honesty, we both worked hard last year, and I feel we deserve the return.

What is exciting about the tax return is that we got to pay off all of our “little” debts which results in us saving over $100/mo in payments!  The biggest of our “little” debts was a substantial amount that my husbands parents had let us borrow when we purchased our house.  I am SO grateful for their help, but I am SO happy that we have paid them back.

We did have some extra money after paying those things off, so I was able to invest in my little freelance business with some new equipment. (In order to save money, I opted for the slowest shipping possible and am still waiting for one more package…ugh! Patience, I need to learn patience.)

First off, I bought a speed light (flash)!  I can’t want to start using it for indoor photography and weddings!

My friend Fern modeled for me!
I still have lots to learn about indoor photography, but now I have one of the tools I can use to help me learn.

Next, I bought a 3 light, light kit with umbrella diffusers.

My new light kit!
I am so excited to start experimenting with studio work, especially newborn photography!  If you have a newborn and would like to help me expand my portfolio, comment below or contact me via my website.

My husband posing for me with our new puppy Molly!

My husband is hot!

I still have so much to learn, backdrops and props to buy, and a portfolio to build…but I’m happy with my humble beginnings! :)


Posted: 3/8/13

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